Sunday School

Sunday School

There are two adult Sunday School classes that meet @9:45 on Sunday mornings.

The mission of the Water Walkers Sunday School Class is to grow in their faith walk with Christ. They want to engage in studies that help them to grow closer to Our Lord and Savior.  In their class, they do a variety of studies.  They have studied different books of the Bible, Spiritual Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit. They also have done studies on several books including “The Shack” by William P. Young, “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman, and a study called “Seamless” by Angie Smith.  The class is comprised of different ages, backgrounds and ideas which lead to some great conversations and light bulb moments!

The Adult I Sunday School Class uses The Present Word study series as the basis for their weekly discussions.  Each lesson is based on a passage of scripture and includes commentary for carrying the Word into our daily lives.  Discussion is always encouraged as they strive to discern God’s will in our study of scripture.  Their lessons are always enriched as class members share a variety of rich life experiences in the course of discussion.

Both classes welcome all men and women of the church! 

Warriors for Christ –  Youth Sunday School.  Pastor David has been joining us for an eight week study of what it means to be a Christian. So excited for these youth to take this journey and be able to spend time with Pastor David. Please continue to pray for us as we walk with God and do his work.