David McDonald

David McDonald

David McDonald, Pastor

David has served seven other congregations prior to Calhoun, including as head of staff for the largest Presbyterian church in the nation, and as Senior Pastor and
Head of Staff for two churches that numbered 1000 members each.  He loves the church, the ministry, and the people with whom God has given him the
privilege to work and grow.

David sees himself as a pastor/leader, understanding that a pastor who yearns for his church and his people to grow and thrive will need to be an influential
reality in their lives.  He is intensely interested in people more and more making Christ the point of their religion and becoming more like Him the essence of
their lives.  Ultimately, he sees himself as placed by Christ to “walk with His people in their faith and life journeys so that they can all learn together what it
means to be a Christian.”

Our pastor brings energy, genuineness, and his natural humor to his worship leadership and preaching, and a friendly demeanor to his actions and interactions.

David and his wife, Frances, are the parents of three children and grandparents to seven grandchildren.  Oh, by the way, David considers his greatest asset in
ministry, other than the Holy Spirit, to be Frances.  “What a minister’s spouse has to go through in support of his or her spouse’s ministry is impossible to
understand, unless you have done it.  She has done it so well for so many years!”


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