Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and Welcome


This is our first opportunity to greet you, introduce ourselves to you and invite you to consider visiting with us on site.

If you visit us, what will you discover about us?  You will quickly know how delighted we are to have you among us, how “come as your are” we are, how “non-institutional” we are, how focused we are on the mission God has defined for us to pursue, how grace-filled a community we are, and how compassion-minded we are toward those who are down and out.

We believe that we have been called to live out the theme—“Loving All to Christ!”  That mandate requires a lot from us..

I invite you to “tour” this website to get to know us better.  I direct your attention particularly to the “About Us” section.  Click on that label and explore the details of the “Our Mission” and “What We Believe” pages.

Basically, we are a community of faith who see that Christ has called us together to represent Him, His love, and His ways in the world–the world around us and the world beyond us.  Our motive for doing al of that?   “Love”  Christ has called us to act out His love for others and each other.

After some years decline we have found our way into a new experience of life together that we can only characterize as a grand new future in Christ.  It’s an exciting journey as we continue to discover more and more of who we are in Christ and all the new life He has called us into.

We would love for you to come along side us and become our new friends in faith and partners in healing the hurts in the world.  We are a little like a new church and you might find it easier to find your place in this kind of fluid, open, wanting-to-grow situation instead of a congregation more settled into itself.

One of the new things we are working on is emphasizing the home as the primary place of faith formation.  It’s where kids spend most all their time in their younger formative years.  Even as they grow into their teen years, their homes can have great influence on them.  So, we are serious about equipping families to become “faith facilitators” to each other, particularly the parents to each other and to their children.

We are developing a cohesive and tightly-connected progression from baptism through confirmation, and beyond for developing a stronger sense of relationship with Christ and His church during the growing up years.

Another thing we are passionate about?  Making a difference in your life.  We feel that Christ has blessed us to be a blessing to others.  It will make our day to be a blessing to you!  And, for you to be a blessing to us!

You are invited to contact us about any way in which we can help you in your walk with Christ–706-629-4304.

In the meantime, may Christ bless you and yours real good!